Why should we give our pets supplements?

StemVLife and StemKidney support healthy organs for happy tails!

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Our pets are family members and as such we want what’s best for them: to enjoy life and good health. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s difficult to give our pets all the nutrients they need in natural form. Their food is mass-produced, highly processed and full of artificial ingredients and fillers. Pets also undergo regular treatments such as flea medication. Those harsh chemicals get absorbed through the skin and into their bloodstream and can damage their organs, especially their kidneys.

All species of animals deserve the same care we give ourselves. That is why StemKidney has been trusted to provide an extra layer of protection for our pets’ kidneys, and StemVLife has provided stem cell nutrition for overall health. By supplementing key nutrients, we can give our pets nutrition they don’t get through processed and packaged food. We have testimonials of people who have been able to restore pets’ health with very small amounts of our supplements. Dosage is based on the weight of your pet and you can contact us for further information.

As we care for ourselves, let’s not forget the needs of our pet family members who sometimes can’t communicate if their health is deteriorating. WIth StemKidney and StemVLife we can help support the health of their kidneys and other organs for a long and happy life. Of course, consult your vet before giving your pet any supplements!

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