Is coffee good or bad for you?

The truth about your daily drink

Many studies have been conducted to see if coffee is good or bad for our health. Conflicting results lead to confusion but the simple truth is that caffeine is a potent compound with potent, addictive results.

If you’re trying to kick the habit, here are 7 reasons that might help your decision:

  1. Caffeine disrupts serotonin production, leading to poor sleep and mood swings.
  2. Coffee decreases liver detoxification.
  3. Caffeine increases stress hormones.
  4. Chlorogenic acid in coffee is associated with cardiovascular disease.
  5. Coffee may reduce insulin sensitivity.
  6. Coffee is acidic, which can lead to heart burn and other digestive issues.
  7. Caffeine is a diuretic, meaning, it increases your need to urinate.

As we stick to a healthy diet, the more we’ll see a decrease in cravings for coffee and other unhealthy foods. A healthy lifestyle leads to more natural energy, depending less and less on drugs like caffeine.

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