Fruit juice vs. the whole fruit: What's the difference?

(Hint: fruit juice is not good)

For years we’ve been told that fruit juices are healthy to drink. In fact, many schools and fast food restaurants offer apple or orange juice as a “healthy” alternative for kids. Sure, apples, oranges and all other fruits are excellent sources of phytochemicals, plant polyphenols, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. But those benefits are gained only if we eat the whole fruit.

In order to fill an 8 oz glass of apple (or orange) juice, you’d need to squeeze about 3 apples (or oranges), and that’s more than a person normally eats. This means more sugar, no fiber and less nutrients.

Let’s look at what happens when we put fruit through a fruit extractor:

  • Fiber is lost
  • Many nutrients are lost
  • Sugar gets concentrated (because a large portion of the fruit is gone)
  • Sometimes the skin is removed (where a high concentration of nutrients is found)

When we consume fruit juice instead of the fruit, sugar gets absorbed faster into our system. Also, the juice leaves our stomach quicker so we feel hungry sooner. And since we have to use multiple fruits just to fill one glass, the sugar we’re ingesting shoots up.

Enjoy the whole fruit!

Fiber from fruit is a wonderful source of health benefits. Soluble and and insoluble fiber in apples, for example, help control blood sugar levels, support good digestion and even heart health.

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