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Five Supplements
Stem Cell Nutrition

Formulated to multiply and activate your own adult stem cells*

Improving your quality of life without the side effects of invasive procedures*

Stem cell nutrition is essential for healing!

Studies show that the more stem cells that circulate in the bloodstream, the greater the body's ability to naturally heal and renew itself.

As we age, the natural process of reproducing stem cells slows down. Stem cell nutrition supports optimal organ, tissue, cells, and telomere health.

Immune System Support

A powerful combination of the best ingredients found in nature to support the immune system, and to provide maximum antioxidant protection.

100% organic with zinc, D3, K2 and vitamin C, all from natural sources!

Elimination Organ Maintenance

Providing cleaner and healthier organs for better overall health.

Cleaner organs support better stem cell performance.

Organic Essential Oils

Our feel-good line made in small batches for freshness.

The power of aromatherapy.

Skin Nourishment

With the power of botanicals, collagen and peptides for skin rejuvenation.

Whole Food Nutrition in a Capsule


Only Nature's Best to Fuel Your Body, Mind and Spirit


  • During my pregnancy I developed diabetes so bad that I had to use insulin and medicine. My blood sugar never went down and my A1C was 7.5 even after the pregnancy.
    I started taking StemVLife and two months later I went back to get tested for diabetes. My doctor informed me that my A1C dropped to 5.5 and that I only have pre-diabetes.
    I was able to lower my sugar level in two months! I feel much better and I am so happy.

    —M. Hernandez

  • When my son was 8 years old, and due to his autism, he entered into a tremendous crisis. He would hit, kick, hit the walls, didn't speak, etc. I didn't know what was happening or how to control it. Since I started giving him StemAlive, the changes in him are impressive. The crises have stopped, he has learned to speak, read, write, and now has self-control. He communicates, eats and sleeps very well. So we are very happy and grateful to God for having found StemAlive.

    —A. Marin
    Weston, FL

  • Robert suffered from chronic arthritis in his knees, shoulders, and other joints. He took our stem cell formula along with our liver and digestive formulas. After a couple of weeks he felt much better, and according to him, "his side effects" from taking these supplements were much improved vision, resolved gum disease, cleared up rosacea in his face and his hair grew healthier and fuller. He now looks much younger too!

    —R. Hill
    La Verne, CA

  • I was taking insulin and pills and everything; my sugar levels were between 177 and 200. The day before I took StemAlive, StemLiver and StemDigest, my sugar level was 216. The next day it dropped to 120; after that it was 98, 97, 95 and so on. From then on, those are the sugar levels that I'm having. I feel these products came from the heart of God.

    —R. Arroyo
    Los Angeles, California

  • I was very skeptical about taking StemAlive at first, but I decided to give it a try. My rheumatoid arthritis pain had reached unbearable levels and was taking 4 to 16 Advil a day for many years just to take the edge off. After one week of taking StemAlive, the pain drastically decreased. Later, I also changed my diet to 100% plant based with no animal products or processed foods, and the pain decreased to zero!

    —M. Salas
    Katy, Texas

  • Meet Genoveva. She first gave StemAlive to her husband to naturally control his diabetes. It is under control with zero medication. Genoveva no longer suffers from arthritis or headaches, and she also stopped wearing glasses. Taking StemLiver and StemDigest helped her with inflammation of the liver and with constipation!

    Riverside, Ca

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