How to Take Our Supplements

Read before you start
taking the supplements!*

  • Read all product labels for ingredient lists, suggested use and warnings.
  • Check the ingredients for any known allergy you might have to our natural ingredients.
  • Check with your healthcare practitioner for any possible reactions with your medications.
  • If you are on any medications for conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, follow your healthcare practitioner’s guidance, including daily checks of your blood pressure and/or sugar levels. Report any changes to your doctor and follow his/her advice.
  • As with any natural product, some initial discomfort may occur as detoxing and cleansing takes place in the body.
  • For specific health goals, feel free to contact us directly through email at or by calling us at (909) 458-0982.

Our family of products works together to support your health in a holistic and natural way. Our simple plan supports three areas which are focused on stem cell regeneration and activation:


Support the regeneration of organs, tissues, and systems in the body by takinig our stem cell formula StemVLife (the improved version of StemAlive). You can take up to 12 capsules daily (or 4 scoops for the powder form). Start by taking 1 capsule (or half scoop) the first day and gradually increase until you reach your desired dosage.


Cleaner elimination organs (liver, intestines, kidneys) help create a better environment for stem cells to operate more efficiently. You may take all three formulas — StemLiver, StemDigest and StemKidney — daily (3 capsules per formula, each day), or rotate as desired. For example, StemLiver one day, StemDigest the following day and StemKidney the next. The idea is to maintain vital organs in optimal health, and our formulas help do just that.


Support your immune system with StemImmune. A strong immune system is key to health, especially to prevent or fight illnesses. Take 3 capsules of StemImmune daily.

With our formulas we support stem cell health, elimination organs, and the immune system. In addition, we believe the best nutrition is a plant-based diet, with plenty of fresh vegetables, grains, legumes, fruits and water! Finally, complement that with a healthy, balanced lifestyle that includes getting sunshine, resting, and playing.

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