Holistic and Natural Stem Cell Therapy

Improve your quality of life without the side effects of invasive procedures

StemVLife capsules and powder

Our stem cell nutrition formulas provide the nourishment which stem cells need to be able to multiply, activate and promote healing.

Our stem cell nutrition formula is a natural alternative over invasive procedures such as experimental transplants and stem cell injections which utilize fetus stem cells and other questionable ingredients. Most of those procedures are either not FDA approved, are not guaranteed or have been known to cause harm.

Why not go the natural and holistic route? We offer a less expensive, safe and secure way to help your stem cells multiply and regenerate to create healing.

Our stem cell formulas contain all-natural, superfood extracts (natural herbs, fruits, and algaes) that work in synergy to provide stem cells what they need.

to optimal health and performance!


Your own stem cells have the ability to repair and regenerate tissues such as cartilage, bones and nerves; organs such as skin, pancreas, liver, heart, etc. Your stem cells have the ability to rejuvenate your body.

The Focus Is On Stem Cell Nutrition

What are stem cells and why are they so important for health? Stem cell are cells that are able to become any type of cell. They mostly reside in the bone marrow and their job is to multiply and go anywhere in the body that needs healing.

As time goes on, we expose our bodies to everyday toxins which cause that renewal process to slow down. Our formulas have the perfect balance of natural nutrients which have shown to promote the body's natural renewal system!

Differentiated cells

We focus on stem cell nutrition because enhancing stem cell function can help repair or regenerate damaged tissue, and we have seen the powerful and life-changing benefits of our formulas firsthand.

Stem cell nutrition

StemVLife capsules and powder
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Our stem cell nutrition formulas promote stem cell function and health

Our stem cell nutrition formulas are all-natural supplements to stimulate the release and activity of stem cells

Healthy ingredients

How can these formulas be the key to optimal health?

Simple: with our natural formulas to nourish your stem cells, it’s easier to boost your body’s repair system

Stem Cell Nutrition Is Essential For Human Health!

Stem cells travel throughout the body supporting optimal organ and tissue function, but as we expose our bodies to everyday toxins such as medications, hormone-containing meats, alcohol, or polluted environments, the number and quality of stem cells that circulate in your body gradually decrease, leaving the body more vulnerable to deteriorating conditions. Our stem cell formulas support the natural role of stem cells even as we age.

Stem Cell Cluster

Our stem cell formulas are for everyone!

It is possible to feel healthy and yet have toxicity in your body which eventually may lead to illness if you have:

  • Taken medications
  • Taken drugs
  • Eaten prepared foods with preservatives
  • Smoked or drank alcohol
  • Consumed foods that are treated with pesticides and other chemicals
  • Lived in unhealthy, polluted environments
  • Experienced lots of stress, causing adrenaline to flood your system (harmful when it remains in the body)

From average healthy people to athletes to those with health challenges, thousands have already experienced the benefits of our stem cell formulas.

 Runner w/ StemVLife

StemVLife is our best stem cell nutrition formula!

StemVLife is our most powerful stem cell formula, designed to nourish, multiply and activate our own adult stem cells in the body. Our formula is packed with only the highest quality ingredients available. It is 100% natural, plant based and vegan. It has ingredients with some of the highest ORAC (antioxidant content) values in the world.

  • Organic raw cacao bean (with natural antidepressant benefits)
  • Organic moringa leaf (with natural anti-inflammatory benefits)
  • Blue green algae (spirulina), a powerful superfood
  • Vitamin D3 as lichen plant extract, with its proven medicinal benefits
  • Rich source of antioxidants
  • Supports endurance and stamina
  • Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Promotes stem cell proliferation and activity

Join the growing health revolution!

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Great formulas from a company you can trust!

Our supplements are manufactured in the USA in some of the best laboratories that follow strict FDA standards and cGMP processes, and are certified cGMP facilities. Our labs are also members of the American Botanical Council, American Herbal Products Association and the Natural Products Association.

cGMP UL Certified American Botanical Council AHPA NPA
StemVLife capsules and powder
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$39.99 $65.00
  • Be You
  • Rest more
  • Love yourself
  • Exercise often
  • Spend time outdoors
  • Eat more veggies
  • Smile and laugh often
  • Balance your life
  • Connect within
  • Drink water
  • Be Happy
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