Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products gluten free?

Yes, all of our products are gluten free. If you are allergic to gluten we suggest you call us. Allergies to anything should be addressed as this could indicate toxicity in the body that is keeping it from processing or metabolizing normally.

What is the difference between StemAlive and StemVLife?

StemAlive is the original stem cell nutrition formula which was improved in 2018 under the name StemVLife.

Both formulas have the same function. They share the same ingredients except for two. StemVLife was improved by removing two ingredients: a synthetic ingredient and an animal-based ingredient. These two were replaced with two natural medicinal ingredients that have a very high antioxidant content: raw cacao seed and moringa leaf.

For more details, read about why StemVLife is better than StemAlive.

How is your Vitamin D3 better?

Not all vitamin D3 is created equal. Most products out there that have vitamin D3 contain a very cheap version of vitamin D3 that is animal based, but a lot of people are unaware of this fact. Our vitamin D3 is sourced from an algae called lichen, which is very high quality and therefore very expensive. This higher quality means the vitamin's bioavailability and absorption is higher.

Do you own your formulas or does someone produce them for you?

Our dietary supplements are our own formulas that we have formulated, developed, and produced.

If we had someone else producing formulas, if we simply stuck on a label and sold them, that would be called "private label" - which means, the producer of that formula sells the formula to many companies and these companies simply stick on their own label and call it their own product. We do not do this.

We proudly develop and own every dietary formula we sell. Also, we do not sell our formulas to anyone else for them to stick on a label of their own. We are very proud of our quality and processes, and want to be in total control. We are also very protective of our brand.

We have an incredible team of experts developing our formulas, all following the vision we have set up, with the goal of helping people have access to the best quality, holistic, all-natural superfoods to support their health.

How many formulas do you currently have?

We currently have 6 dietary supplements as follows:

StemAlive, which is the original stem cell formula we produced. However, a few years ago, we improved this formula and made it totally natural and vegan/plant based, called StemVLife, which is the one we now recommend. The only reason we still produce and offer StemAlive is for the faithful crowd who has not yet switched to our better and more powerful formula.

StemVLife, which is our improved and more powerful stem cell nutrition formula.

StemImmune, to support the immune system. You can read about the immmune system here.

We also have three formulas for three very important elimination organs in the body. Because these organs are some of the body’s filters, their health is critical for our overall well-being. These three formulas are:

StemLiver. To support liver function and cleaner blood.

StemKidney. To support kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract health.

StemDigest. To support all related to the digestive system.

Do I have to take all 5 supplement formulas all the time?

No, you don't have to. However, all our supplement formulas are made of all-natural, superfood ingredients so it will do your body good to consume our formulas regularly. Still, it is up to you to decide which of our supplements you choose to consume daily. We will be happy to provide one-on-one consulting and dietary guidance.

Is it normal to get a general discomfort when I start taking your supplements?

It is normal that the body tries to clean and detoxify as you start taking our formulas. Some people may feel discomfort for a few days. If you suffer from allergies or foods tend to not sit well with you, that may be a sign of a body that is highly toxic. You will want to start taking our supplements very slowly to decrease the initial discomfort (also called healing crisis) which you can read about here.

We suggest you call us at (909) 458-0982 and we will be happy to guide you through the beginning.

What's the difference between the stem cell formulas and StemImmune?

Stem cell formulas are designed to support the multiplication and proliferation of stem cells, which are in charge of repairing damaged organs, tissue, bones, etc. StemImmune on the other hand is designed to support the immune system which includes supporting the functions of the bone marrow, thyroid and other glands, lymphatic system as well as preventing cell damage and combating viruses and bacteria.

Our stem cell formula StemVLife and our immune support formula StemImmune are a powerful duo working together to help you feel great and stay healthier.

Do your formulas help if someone has cancer?

Yes, absolutely. Even though our supplements are not drugs, people with cancer have reported great results such as more energy, less or no organ damage due to chemo or radiation treatments, and no hair loss.

Fighting or preventing cancer and other critical conditions with plant-based nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is something we promote.

The formulas we call "organ cleansers" (StemLiver, StemDigest, and StemKidney) will do wonders to cleanse your organs to support your healing process. StemImmune supports the bone marrow, thyroid, other glands, skin, lymphatic system and everything immune related, helping the body to prevent cell damage via a high antioxidant content. StemVLife supports adult stem cells needed to repair damaged organs, tissue, etc.

Do your products help if I have diabetes?

Yes, absolutely. Diabetes, according to the medical community, can be managed through a healthy diet, and that's where our formulas come in. Our formulas are food in capsules, the type of food the body needs for health and vitality.

StemVLife contains a high quality moringa that works synergistically with the rest of the ingredients, to help you feel better.

What can I take for acne?

Among other reasons, acne may develop because of a hormonal unbalance and a less-than-clean liver. We would suggest you focus on your liver and your immune system. Start by taking StemLiver to cleanse your liver. Your liver processes fats and other toxins, and having a cleaner liver may help your skin (the largest organ in the body) stay cleaner, having less toxins to eliminate because the liver is able to process those first. Not only acne but many skin conditions such as eczema, dry skin, and psoriasis can be linked to less-than-ideal liver function. Everything you eat, drink and consume is processed by your liver, that's why it's critical to keep it as healthy as possible.

Do you have a store to pickup the product?

We are the manufacturer directly working with our laboratory to provide the best quality and natural dietary supplements and superfoods. We currently do not have a retail store and our warehouses are not open to the public. Our pick-up location has been closed since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.

However, ordering online or over the phone is easy and convenient, and our orders are normally processed and shipped twice a day.

What carrier do you use to ship orders?

We use USPS priority mail, and for orders over $200 we request a signature to protect your order.

Normally, our fulfillment crew processes orders twice a day.

You should receive your order - based on location - within 2 to 5 business days.

Are your supplement formulas made in the USA?

Yes, absolutely. All our formulas are made in the United States in laboratories that adhere to strict cGMP protocols for your safety and peace of mind.

Do you have a guarantee on your products?

Yes, and we are proud of our guarantee. However, our return rate is so low we go years without processing returns. You will agree with us when you try our amazing line of products.

For more information, read about our refund policy.

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