Slow down and chew your food!

5 reasons why this is good for health

With our busy lives and full schedules, sometimes we neglect ourselves and our health suffers. One easy way to help our body function better is by being more mindful during meal times. Even if we’re stopping for a quick snack, let’s make sure to slow down and chew our food throughly.

If you’ve ever had a lunch in a hurry because you were running late or maybe you only had a short break, you’ll probably remember how you paid for that “speed meal” later: With indigestion, acid reflux, or general tummy rumbles. If you’re used to eating in a hurry, learning about the benefits of slowing down and chewing food thoroughly might help you break that habit.

Benefits of chewing food well

  • Reduces calorie intake.
  • Digestion starts in the mouth. Mixing food with saliva, which contains the enzyme amylase, breaks down carbohydrates.
  • Safer, smaller pieces are easier to swallow and digest.
  • Helps digestion. Well chewed food has better absorption and helps gastric juices process food better.
  • Increases satiety. Well chewed food also helps us feel full longer, further helping with weight management.

Our supplements' role in digestion, weight management and overall health

StemLiver and StemDigest work together to help with digestion and weight management. Visit the StemLiver and StemDigest pages to learn how each product’s powerful ingredients benefit the gastrointestinal tract. Our natural holistic protocol is the same regardless of health level as we should always keep our main 3 elimination organs clean. For that, we use StemDigest, StemLiver and StemKidney, plus StemImmune for support of a healthy lymphatic system (including the bone marrow) and endocrine system (hormones), as well as StemVLife for healthy stem cell support.

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