Go plant a tree with your kids!

Helping the planet while having fun

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Planting a tree can be a wonderful family event that teaches children valuable lessons. It’s a fun event that can also be marked each year with a “tree birthday celebration.” Planting a tree has lots of advantages:

  • A fun event that can be done with family, with a special someone or with a group of friends.
  • Trees prevent soil erosion that can lead to landslides.
  • A tree can commemorate someone special.
  • Working outdoors and handling dirt is a very therapeutic experience.
  • Trees attract a variety of beautiful creatures like birds and squirrels.
  • Fruit trees provide delicious fruit for years to come.
  • Trees can increase a home’s value.

Teaching children about the environment can be a lot easier with a hands-on experience such as planting a tree. After reading about how trees help clean the air, children will look forward to getting their hands dirty. As the tree grows, they will take more interest in it because it’s something they helped “create.” They will start appreciating other trees and the importance of caring for all of them, not just the one.

At StemFoods Holistics we are proud to celebrate Earth Day every day of the year. We understand the serious implications of deforestation and try to engage in green living as much as possible. We encourage everyone to get involved in conservation efforts in their communities, and planting a tree is an easy and inexpensive option.

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