Eating better for mental health

Are certain foods linked to depression?

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The foods we eat have an impact on our physical and mental health. We are often aware of the negative impact certain unhealthy foods have on our physical health, but it’s easy to miss the connection between what we eat and how that affects our moods. Let’s look at three sources of depression which are directly related to foods:

  1. Inflammation
    Saturated fat and trans fat (commonly found in ice cream and in animal products including cheese, fish, dairy and eggs) promote inflammation. Studies have found that people with higher inflammation markers found in the blood are also more prone to depression. Some scientists believe this depression is directly associated to inflammation.
  2. Reduced blood flow
    Foods high in saturated fat contribute to making our blood thicker. This can be felt after a heavy, fat-rich meal such as steak and mac and cheese. We can feel it afterwards because oxygenation to tissues and organs is reduced and tiredness and heaviness is increased.
  3. Processed foods
    While processed foods lack nutrients that are only found in whole foods like fruits and vegetables, they also contribute to depression. In a study where two groups of participants were compared, one group ate mostly fruits, vegetables and other whole foods, and the other group ate mostly processed foods such as high-fat products, fried foods, desserts and animal products. The results showed that the group consuming a processed food diet exhibited more depression symptoms than the group who ate a healthier diet.

The good news

Eliminating animal products, dairy and processed foods and turning toward a lifestyle that includes lots of whole food, plant-based choices, such as fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, leafy greens, nuts and seeds is a tasty way to reduce or eliminate depression. In addition, StemFoods Holistics offers a “digestive duo,” which is made up of two supplements: StemLiver and StemDigest. This powerful pair works synergistically to support a healthy gut and elimination organs such as the intestines and the liver. Visit StemLiver and StemDigest to learn more about how this supplement duo harnesses the power of organic, powerful ingredients known for their digestive health benefits.

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