Earth Day is coming up!

What exactly is it?

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The first Earth Day took place on April 22, 1970, when millions of demonstrators held rallies in multiple American cities simultaneously. It was the result of a joint effort that included hundreds of volunteers working from Senator Gaylord Nelson’s office, the man who first brought this idea into public view. By 1990, over 140 countries had joined in the celebrations, and today that number has climbed to 174 countries!

Earth Day was founded as a day to reflect and learn about environmental issues. Up until the 1960s people didn’t think much about the environment, pollution, pesticides, or even the industrial toxic waste that was destroying our lands and water systems. The rallies, speeches and all the media attention had an effect on public opinion, as people started becoming more aware of the environmental issues that were taking place. Thanks to the attention that was brought on by this annual event, people and governments around the world have gradually embraced both big and small changes that protect and clean up our space.

As we celebrate the 52nd Earth Day, we at StemFoods Holistics are proud to take a stand for our planet. We take care of our environment and celebrate Earth day every day in our daily operations. For example, we use environmentally-friendly, biodegradable packaging, we advocate for recycling, water conservation, and the protection of animals, as none of our products ever have, or ever will ever be tested on animals.

We encourage you to learn more about Earth Day and find ways to protect our beautiful planet.

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