2020 Accomplishments And Beyond!

Greetings! 2020 was undoubtedly a very challenging year for all of us, and our thoughts go out to anyone who has experienced loss, as well as to all the front-liners who have sacrificed so much. We are proud that our products have helped many of you minimize the effects of Covid-19.

Our skincare line got a makeover

With peptides, collagen-producing ingredients, hyaluronic acid, MSM, and many other soothing and regenerating ingredients, skin is nourished from within, feeling more hydrated and radiant.

StemLiver and StemDigest are more powerful than ever

As we focus on stem cell nutrition as a means to heal the body, our vital organs deserve all of our attention. These vital organ formulas work hand-in-hand with our stem cell formulas, and we have seen tremendous success this year and have heard great success stories.

Our Greatest News:

Introducing StemVLife, our new vegan stem cell nutrition formula

As we continue our wholesome approach to health, the natural next step was to add a 100% vegan and plant-based, improved version of our original stem cell formula, StemAlive (which is vegetarian but not vegan plant-based due to its colostrum). We are proud to introduce StemVLife, a new vegan plant-based formula, with whole-food ingredient extracts for stem cell and telomere health support. This new formula comes in two different forms: powder for those who would rather add it to their green juice or drink it as a tea, and capsules like our other supplements.

StemVLife is packed with powerful nutrients including organic moringa leaf extract and organic cacao bean extract, two of the most antioxidant-dense foods. You can count on StemVLife to deliver even more antioxidant power than our trusted original formula, StemAlive. Also, StemVLife packs more quantity per capsule (over 200 mg per serving) than StemAlive. StemVLife will be arriving in the next two weeks, so you can pre-order now!

Even More Exciting News!

1. Introducing StemKidney, a new vital-organ-support supplement

We are thrilled to introduce StemKidney, the newest addition to our line of vital organ support. We have been working on this formula for quite some time, and it is finally ready. It contains the best kidney support ingredients found in nature, including freeze-dried cranberry, freeze-dried raw uva ursi leaf (an herb so potent it has helped many overcome kidney failure), as well as grape skin, astragalus, juniper berry, horsetail herb, garlic, and parsley. Nothing on the market today even comes close to StemKidney for kidney and urinary tract health.

2. Introducing ZenRelief, an essential oil blend for pain relief

Our essential oil laboratory was able to complete for us ZenRelief, another healing essential oil blend, made from all-organic and pure essential oils, including hemp, peppermint for menthol, eucalyptus, ho wood for camphor, tea tree, frankincense, and jojoba oils. It is designed to bring soothing relief to achy joints and muscles. Together with our supplements, we are helping the body inside and out.

3. A new e-commerce experience for you

Finally, to end a challenging but successful year, we recently converted our sales software and updated our website with a complete overhaul of the e-commerce experience, making it much easier for you to order online, manage your account and keep track of your orders. This new system allows us an unbelievable range of flexibility to serve you better. It was an extraordinary team effort and we appreciate everyone’s collaboration.

Committed to A Natural Approach to Health

At StemFoods Holistics, we remain committed to providing you and your family with natural and healthy ingredients in all of our holistic formulas. Our mission is to share our remarkable line of products with the world, promoting wellness and healthy living, one person at a time. We are grateful you are part of our family--and even more so--that you share our same philosophy of a natural approach to health. Remember we are here to serve you. Visit stemfoods.com to learn all about the exciting new additions!

May this New Year 2021 bring you many blessings!
From your StemFoods team!

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